Financial support for medical treatment of players

Kathmandu: The National Players’ Welfare Fund has provided medical expenses to four players on Monday.

Deepak Shrestha, member secretary of the fund, who is also the president of the Nepal National and International Players’ Association, said that Rs 29,655 has been provided to four players from four different sports.

Ranjana Bhatta of Badminton and Maria Thapa Magar of Table Tennis has received Rs 80,000 each. Shrestha said that Rs 30,000 was provided to Sunita Bohara of Judo and Rs 19,655 to Usuki Silu Dangol.

Judoka Sunita’s money was handed over to Nepal Judo Association President Deepak Harsh Bajracharya. Hari Khadka, a member of the National Sports Council, who is also the vice-president of the players’ association, handed over a check to the players.

In the current fiscal year, the fund has been distributed a total of Rs. 1,134,655 to 13 players including these four players. Earlier, the fund had provided Rs 925,000 to nine players and former players of five different sports.