Finance ministry directs Insurance Committee to pay covid insurance within three days

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Finance has sent a directive again after its directive to pay the Corona insurance amount within seven days was not implemented.

Stating that the previous directive has not been implemented, the Ministry of Finance has directed the Insurance Committee, the regulatory body of insurance companies, to pay the amount of Corona Insurance within three days and send the information to the Ministry.

The Ministry of Finance has also asked to send the details of the number of claims received by the insurance companies, the efforts being made by the committee to solve the problem and the issues to be initiated for facilitation in the ministry.

The letter from the Ministry of Finance reads, “We request you to make public the number of claims of Corona Insurance so far, the number of completed documents, the number sent to the Department of Health Services for verification, uncertified or fake claims, details of claim payment and all remaining documents.” ‘

More than 13,000 corona insurance is yet to be paid.