Finance Minister’s ‘action’ on unnecessary spending cut off

Kathmandu: Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel has been tough on unnecessary spending cuts as the government has not been able to be frugal even though the economy has slowed down due to Corona.

With a view to strengthening the economy and reducing expenditure, the Ministry of Finance has formulated criteria for maintaining austerity in public expenditure. According to the criteria, all public bodies will no longer be allowed to spend in about a dozen areas.

The finance minister has decided that nominations will not be made for foreign observation, training or study tours to cover the expenses from the resources of the Government of Nepal or foreign loans. The criteria stipulates that the country should be represented in bilateral and multilateral talks, meetings to be organized by international organizations, and in case of any urgent work to be nominated for a foreign trip only with the prior consent of the Ministry of Finance.

Similarly, on the basis of invitations received from non-governmental organizations abroad, it has become impossible to use the resources of the Government of Nepal when visiting abroad.

Ministry Poudel has also curbed the growing fascination with high-ranking government officials. Hakims who want to buy another car while having one are banned from buying it.

Vehicles will not be purchased from the Government of Nepal or foreign loan sources after the implementation of the criteria. If a vehicle has to be procured in case of emergency, it has to be procured only with the consent of the Ministry of Finance. Officials of public bodies are not allowed to use more than one government vehicle.

Meanwhile, the government has decided not to pay the rent of the helicopters that have been hired by the very special officials in the name of disaster, epidemic, disaster and rescue.

Helicopter rental for other purposes except in special cases will not be paid from the government coffers.

In case of providing the facility to the concerned officials as per the law, private vehicle drivers, cooks, personal assistants, etc., other than the starting salary, expensive allowance, dress, festival expenses and other facilities will not be provided.

In addition to physicians and health workers who are directly involved in the prevention of COVID-19 infection, the cost of clothing, expensive allowance and incentive allowance other than local allowance, overtime allowance allowance, risk allowance, special The criteria has made an arrangement not to give any kind of allowance including allowance, food or meal expenses.

The standard also stipulates that the newly established offices and government offices will not be allowed to purchase furniture and office related equipment except for the essentials.

Expenditure on decoration of office or government accommodation shall be borne by the public body as per the criteria set by the Ministry of Urban Development. As the Ministry of Urban Development has yet to formulate such criteria, it will not be possible to spend on decoration till then.

Demolition of a Government House or Building When purchasing a new building, both the demolition of the house and the construction of the new building should be done in the same package.

According to the criteria prepared by the Ministry of Finance, the consent of the Ministry of Finance has to be obtained when a public body decides on the creation of financial obligations except in the annual approved program or when submitting a proposal to the Government of Nepal or the Council of Ministers.

Similarly, it has been mentioned in the criteria that a person holding a public body and holding a public post should spend on government work in a cost-effective manner such as office supplies, spices, water, electricity and fuel.

The report to be published by the public body shall be made public through the website except in case of printing and publishing as per the law.

According to the criteria, programs or projects other than those conducted in partnership with the Government of Nepal, the provincial Government and the local level should be conducted in such a way that there is no duplication.

In case of duplication of any program or project due to any reason, the concerned body entrusted with the task of running the program or project run by the Government of Nepal should send a letter to the Ministry of Finance. If a public body has to spend on decoration of office, office or government accommodation, it has to do according to the criteria for decoration of government housing or office room made by the Ministry of Urban Development.

Accordingly, after reviewing the Development Committees, Commissions, Institutions, Authorities, Corporations, Establishments, Boards, Centers, Councils and Companies, duplication of work responsibilities has been seen, work responsibilities have been transferred at State and Local level or it is not necessary to continue operating. .