Finance Minister Barshaman Pun invites american investors to Kathmandu Investment Summit in April

Kathmandu: Newly-appointed Finance Minister Barshaman Pun has extended a warm invitation to American investors, urging their participation in the upcoming Investment Summit scheduled to take place in Kathmandu in April.

During a meeting with Dean Thompson, the US Ambassador to Nepal, at the ministry on Sunday, Minister Pun emphasized the favorable environment for foreign investment in Nepal. He assured the US envoy that the government is prepared to provide the necessary legal and practical facilitation to encourage international investors.

Minister Pun referred to Nepal as a “virgin land for international investors” and specifically highlighted agriculture, industry, and information technology as promising sectors for potential investment. “Nepal is a virgin land for international investors. Through you, I would like to request that American investors participate in the investment conference as much as possible,” expressed Minister Pun.

Acknowledging the appeal, Ambassador Thompson conveyed that a significant number of American investors are keen on participating in the investment summit. He affirmed that US investors are attracted to opportunities in Nepal and assured active support from the US Embassy in creating a conducive environment for their participation.

Minister Pun emphasized that the investment summit is on track for its scheduled date, and the government is expediting preparations for the event. The collaboration between Nepal and the United States in this regard is expected to foster increased economic cooperation and development.