Finance Minister asks additional vaccine support from USA

Kathmandu: US Ambassador to Nepal Randy Berry has called on Finance Minister Janardan Sharma. During a meeting at the ministry on Tuesday, Finance Minister Sharma thanked the government for its unforgettable assistance in the aftermath of the earthquake and the corona epidemic.

He said the vaccine against covid is Nepal’s first priority and hoped that the US government would provide more assistance and facilitation in its supply.

Minister Sharma also pledged that the government would pay close attention to the implementation of projects implemented in Nepal with the support of the US government.

During the meeting, Ambassador Berry stated that the United States stands with Nepal in its fight against corona, according to the Finance Minister’s Secretariat. Mentioning that the United States has been assisting Nepal in the field of health and education for the past 70 years, he expressed his commitment to continue it in the days to come.

He said the United States had provided 1.5 million doses of the vaccine to help with the vaccine campaign against corona and would continue to provide necessary assistance in the coming days too.