FAO and PM Dahal unite for agrifood rransformation and economic growth”

Kathmandu: FAO Director-General QU Dongyu and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, met during the Director-General’s visit to Nepal.

The Prime Minister informed that the country has now focused on economic building and would shortly graduate from the Least Developed Country category. The Prime Minister expressed his expectation on FAO to play an even more positive role in supporting Nepal.

The Director-General emphasized the importance of agrifood systems transformation for Nepal which would be even more important after Nepal’s graduation from the Least Developed Countries group.
The Director-General appraised the Prime Minister’s support for the active cooperation with FAO through the Organization’s flagship initiatives, including the Hand-in-Hand, One Country One Priority Product and 1000 Digital Villages, and he responded to the Prime Minister’s request by reiterating FAO’s commitment to support the Government of Nepal in achieving overall agricultural development and the SDGs through science and innovation, enabling policies, and capacity development.
The pair committed to continue the effective collaboration and partnership in promoting food and nutrition security, sustainable natural resources management, and policy support for more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agrifood systems.