eSewa introduces cross-border payment service for Indian Nationals in Nepal

Kathmanu: eSewa, a leading digital payment platform in Nepal, has rolled out a groundbreaking service allowing Indian nationals to make payments within Nepal seamlessly. In a recent notice issued by eSewa, the company announced the launch of this new feature, marking a significant stride in facilitating cross-border transactions.

According to eSewa, Nepali businessmen affiliated with the PhonePay QR merchant network can now receive payments directly from Indian tourists via the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) through the PhonePay QR provided by eSewa.

The company elaborated that Indian tourists can utilize popular payment platforms such as PhonePe, BHIM app, and Google Pay to initiate transactions. This move is poised to streamline payment processes for Indian visitors, offering them greater convenience and accessibility during their stay in Nepal.

eSewa emphasized that this service is exclusively available to merchants linked to the PhonePay QR merchant network through their platform. However, it was noted that a service fee would be applicable for utilizing this cross-border payment service.

With the advent of this initiative, cross-border payments between Nepal and India have been streamlined, paving the way for smoother financial transactions. Indian tourists can now leverage QR code technology to make payments effortlessly across various establishments in Nepal.