EPS language test for Korean manufacturing jobs faces delay due to technical issues

Kathmandu: The scheduled Employment Permit System (EPS) language test, crucial for individuals applying to work in Korea’s manufacturing sector, has been postponed due to technical glitches in the online system. The test, initially slated for January 20, will now be delayed, with an official notice regarding the new exam schedule expected to be issued on February 4.

Dandu Raj Ghimire, the Director-General of the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), conveyed during discussions with HRD Korea officials that the initial plan was to conduct the exam from January 20. However, technical challenges in the online system, particularly in filling the application forms and maintaining records of applicants, have prompted the delay.

Director General Ghimire explained, “The computer system of the HRD office had only a 5-digit structure before. It has been restructured to 6 digits. Now, it seems that it will take some time to send the details of 164,000 applicants to Korea. They have given time to issue the notice on February 4.”

The surge in the number of applications, from thousands to hundreds of thousands, necessitated an upgrade to the online system. This upgrade, in turn, has led to the postponement of the EPS language test.

The language test is set to be conducted in three phases to accommodate the high volume of applicants. In the first phase, 47,000 applicants will undergo the examination, followed by 164,716 in the second phase, and finally, 80,000 and the remaining 37,000 applicants in the third phase.

Korea had invited applications for approximately 15,848 positions in the manufacturing sector, with a staggering 164,716 applicants, including those interested in the shipbuilding sector, where 143,812 individuals applied for the first time. The delay underscores the challenges faced in managing the significant influx of applications and the subsequent need for system enhancements to ensure a smooth and fair testing process.