Election Commission directs to resolve internet issues

Kathmandu: The Election Commission has directed the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to make arrangements for smooth operation of internet service.

The commission drew attention to the issue after the Internet service providers’ association warned that the internet service could be disrupted due to tax disputes.

Internet service providers have not paid their taxes due to disputes over taxes. The Ministry of Communications had decided not to allow the payment to be taken abroad without paying the tax arrears.

Service providers have to pay for internet services abroad. Service providers have warned that the internet may be blocked, with claims of non-payment being made.

The Election Commission has directed the government to make necessary arrangements saying that its work will be affected if the internet service is disrupted.

The Election Commission has confiscated campaign materials kept in different places of Kathmandu against the code of conduct. It has also warned against using social media and abusing candidates.

The Election Commission has stated that ballot papers and other election materials have already been transported to places other than those that can be transported from Kathmandu in one day.