Education Ministry requests election commission’s assistance in addressing political affiliation in schools

Kathmandu: In a bid to curb political interference in the education sector, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST) has formally requested assistance from the Election Commission (EC) in identifying and addressing the political affiliations of teachers.

Sources within the MoEST secretariat confirmed that the request was made to streamline actions against educators linked with political parties. The ministry aims to verify complaints regarding teachers’ political affiliations and take necessary measures.

Complaints received by the MoEST alleged that teachers and staff in public schools held positions within various political parties’ central committees, raising concerns about impartiality and professionalism within the education system.

Sumana Shrestha, Minister for MoEST, held discussions with Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya to solicit the EC’s cooperation in implementing these measures effectively.

As part of the initiative, the MoEST has dispatched formal letters to all education development and coordination units across districts, instructing them to take action against educators found to be central committee members of political parties.

Reports indicate that several district units have already initiated actions in response to the ministry’s directives.

Emphasizing the significance of collective effort, the MoEST’s secretariat underscored the necessity of collaboration among all levels of government and stakeholders to uphold the state’s responsibility of delivering quality education free from political influence.