Education ministry directs not to conduct any work related covid-19 in school area

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has directed not to conduct quarantine and isolation activities in school buildings and premises.

The ministry, which has given permission to operate the school physically in view of the Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic, has instructed not to do any activity that would impede the movement of students.

The Covid-19 Prevention and Control Structures shall not be placed within the school and school premises and in a manner that may adversely affect the student movement or close to the school premises, according to the School Operation Framework, 2020 issued by the Ministry.

Earlier, the schools used as quarantine and isolation have been asked to clean up the schools as per the criteria set by the government.

Local levels have been given the right to close or reopen schools by analyzing the condition of schools in their area according to public health and safety standards.

The decision regarding the reopening of the school should be taken in consultation with the people’s representatives, educationists, teachers federation, officials of the umbrella organization of the school management, headmaster, school management committee, teachers, officials of the teachers and parents association, health workers and officials of the children’s club.