Dry port to be built in Mahakali: Industry Minister Bhatt

Photo Courtesy: Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Kathmandu (RSS): Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Lekhraj Bhatta has said that the construction of a dry port at Dodhara Chandni in Mahakali Municipality will move forward at war level.

Speaking at a meeting of party cadres at his residence in Godavari Municipality, Kailali today, he said that the construction work would be taken forward through bidding process after final discussions and signing with India. As reported on Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS), he said that India had agreed to build a dry port at Mayapuri as the forest area of India alone would cover 12 km for the construction of a dry port at Kanjbhoj in Dodhara Chandni. There is no need to remove the settlement. There is even a thousand bighas of land required for the construction of the port, this is the final decision for the construction of the port. He said that a port would be constructed in the area near the six-lane bridge on the Mahakali River.

He said that the goal was to develop the area connected to the dry port as a ‘cross-border economic corridor’. He also mentioned that there is a plan to connect the region with the Asian Highway as it is close to New Delhi, India.The process for a dry port in the Gauri community forest area of ​​Mahakali Municipality-1 is in full swing after India provided connectivity through Chakrapur and Gadikot.

Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Bhatta also inspected the Gauri Community Forest.Meanwhile, Minister Bhatta said that the construction work would be expedited after the completion of the final study of the Daiji Chhela Industrial Area.He informed that drilling work of phosphorus mine has been completed in Dogadakedar village. He said that 12 to 27 percent phosphorus was found during the drilling. “Those with more than 15 percent phosphorus are considered good from a technical point of view,” he said.Stating that the second drilling was done in Dogadakedar village municipality-5, he said that the amount of phosphorus was found satisfactorily.

He informed that other office bearers will be appointed soon as the Vice-Chancellor has been appointed in the Far Western University.He said that the work would be taken forward in a new way by analyzing the shortcomings of the university. ‘Under the ministry’s plan to build 753 industrial villages, it was planned to build 70 industrial villages last year. You have been able to build only 46 villages, ”he said.