Drivers can now show digital license on Nagarik App

Kathmandu: Drivers Can Now Utilize Digital Driver’s Licenses on the Nagarik App for Routine Checks, Marking a Forward Step in Modernizing Traffic Management.

The National Information Technology Center (NITC) has officially recognized driver’s licenses stored on the Nagarik App following approval by the Council of Ministers.

An NITC representative noted that the police headquarters has already communicated this to lower traffic offices.

While the digital license cannot replace a physical one in cases requiring immediate enforcement, it is now a valid means of proving licensing when the physical license is not at hand.

Moreover, the government is actively working on incorporating vehicle registration data and records of traffic rule violations into the Nagarik App. This initiative is set to enhance the efficiency of traffic police during vehicle inspections.

The NITC strongly encourages all drivers to link their licenses to the Nagarik App for a smoother verification process and to ensure compliance.