DoTM to issue driver’s license within one month

Kathmandu (Rastriya Samachar Samiti): As the number of people filling up the forms for the new driver’s license exceeds five lakh, the Department of Transport Management has planned to issue the license to the service recipients who have passed the license test within a month. The department has stated that a large number of licenses can be printed in a single day using a large number of card printing equipment (mass printers).

The capacity of the ‘mass printer’ purchased by the department last year is that it can print 450 licenses in one hour. The department has said that even if it is operated for 10 hours in a day, 4,500 license will be printed. The department says that if the device is used for 24 hours, more than 10,000 will be printed.

The government reopened the new license last December, which had been halted for nearly 10 months due to covid-19. More than five lakh service recipients have applied online from across the country. As the pass rate is around 30 percent, it can be printed, said the department.

For the past two years, the Transportation Management Office under the provincial government has been conducting, renewing, and distributing examinations for new licenses. The department is printing the work and license of the ‘server’.