Divorce and rape cases increase in Lalitpur

Kathmandu: The number of divorce and rape cases has increased in Lalitpur district in the current fiscal year as compared to the previous fiscal year.

According to the details provided by the Lalitpur District Court, there have been 1,207 divorce cases since the Civil Code came into force.

In the last fiscal year 2019/20, 336 divorce cases were registered. In the current Fiscal Year 2020/21, 441 cases have been registered so far.

Out of 441 cases registered in the current fiscal year, 269 cases have been resolveed while 172 cases are pending.

Meanwhile, the number of rape cases in the Lalitpur District Court has also increased. According to the statistics, 167 cases of rape have been filed in the Lalitpur District Court since the Civil Code came into force in 2018.

In the last fiscal year, 66 cases of rape were registered. Out of them, 50 cases have been resolved. As of July 6, 69 cases of rape have been registered. Of these, 20 cases have been resolved and 39 cases are under consideration.

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