Dissolution of Parliament Begins the process of restoring the monarchy: Prachanda

Photo Courtesy: Facebook page of NCP chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda)

Kathmandu: Chairman of the CPN-Prachanda-Madhav group, Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) has said that the process of dissolving the House of Representatives is restoring the monarchy.

Addressing a meeting of the Nepal Press Association affiliated to the Prachanda-Madhav group, Prachanda remarked that the language of the king was being used in the Prime Minister’s recommendation to dissolve the parliament. “The beginning of the process of restoring this monarchy, pushing it towards autocracy, must be stopped at all costs,” he said.

Prachanda said that he was impatient despite the impulse, hatred and anger as the self-proposed Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had attacked the sovereignty of the people. He said earlier, “We want to correct the regression from the legal system.”

Prachanda said that by dissolving the parliament, Oli was trying to take the country into a state of unconstitutionality and dictatorship.

He said that the Constituent Assembly came from the people’s movement and now it is up to the people to protect it. Prachanda said, ‘I understand, now KP has nothing in his hands. From the day he recommended dissolving parliament, nothing is in his hands, now things are over. ‘