Department of Drug Administration directs cease of online pharmacy operations

Kathmandu: Department of Drug Administration has issued directives to halt the operation of online pharmacies. Narayan Prasad Dhakal, Director-General of the department, revealed that the decision to shut down online pharmacies was made after discovering the sale and distribution of counterfeit and misleading drugs under the guise of online pharmacy services.

Dhakal further highlighted instances where medicines were illegally sold and distributed through online platforms, exploiting social media channels. He emphasized the need to adhere to legal provisions outlined in the Drug Act, 2035, which prohibits deceptive advertising of medicines in social media or print media without prior authorization from the department.

The safety, quality, and effectiveness of medicines sold and distributed through online pharmacies are crucial concerns, and consumers are urged to take responsibility for ensuring the authenticity of medications purchased online. The department has called for strict compliance with regulations, warning of legal consequences for those found operating online pharmacies in violation of the law.