Curfew imposed in five municipalities in Sunsari District

Kathmandu: The Sunsari District Administration Office has issued curfew orders in five municipalities. This comes after previous prohibitory orders were issued in Harinagar Rural Municipality and Devanagari Rural Municipality due to escalating tensions. The administration has now extended the curfew to Inneruwa Municipality, Bhokraha Narasingh Municipality, and Koshi Rural Municipality.

The decision follows a recent altercation between two groups in Balakrishna Mau of Harinagar Rural Municipality during the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). Despite the imposition of prohibitory orders, another clash occurred yesterday, resulting in injuries and hospitalization.

Under the curfew, gatherings, demonstrations, meetings, and religious activities are prohibited by the local administration. The announcement warns of legal actions as per the provisions of the Local Administration Act, 2028, for those who violate the orders.

In light of the tense situation in Harinagar, police have deployed tear gas and conducted aerial firing. Additionally, Sunsari Police has reported an increase in the use of tear gas and over 50 rounds of aerial firing following clashes between two groups in Harinagar Rural Municipality.

District Chief Officer of Sunsari, Ved Raj Puyal, has assured efforts to maintain control over the situation. While some individuals have reportedly sustained injuries, further details have not been disclosed by Sunsari Police. The administration urges both groups to maintain peace and exercise restraint.