Covid tests declines due to festive season

Kathmandu: Due to the great festival of Nepalese, Dashain, most of the laboratories have been closed and the number of tests has dropped in the last 24 hours.
According to an update released by the Ministry of Health and Population on Tuesday, 2,725 PCRs have been tested in just 24 hours. Even in Monday’s report, only 5,006 people underwent PCR testing. Before that, 12,311 on October 26, 13, 846 on October 25 and a PCR test of 16,863 people was conducted on October 25.
According to the ministry, the number of coronavirus infected people has reached 160,400 across the country, including 570 added today. Of those infected, 118,843 have been cured so far.
So far, the number of deaths from corona has reached 876 across the country. Similarly, 40 thousand 631 people are actively infected.
More than half of the active infected, i.e. 20 thousand 586 active infected people are in Kathmandu Valley.
In the last 24 hours, 97 women and 155 men have been infected and 252 more have been infected. Of the three districts in the Kathmandu Valley, 16,958 are actively infected. A total of 57,000 infected people have been found in Kathmandu, 40,042 have been cured and 200 have died.
Similarly, 1,194 people have been actively infected in Bhaktapur and 4,141 have been cured. The total number of infected people in Bhaktapur is 5,393 where 58 people lost their lives.
Similarly, the number of active infected people in Lalitpur is 2,434 and the number of those recovering is 5,562. A total of 8,052 people have been infected in Lalitpur where 56 people have lost their lives so far.
According to the ministry, there are 10,501 in home isolation in Kathmandu, 1,719 in Bhaktapur and 2,362 in Lalitpur.