Covid-19 ‘hotspot’ Kathmandu; 129 killed, 23,000 infected so far

Kathmandu: Covid-19 infection is on the rise in Kathmandu. More than half of the daily infections are in Kathmandu. At present, more than 2,000 infected people are being added to the Kathmandu Valley every day. Infections have been added to Kathmandu at consistently high points this week. About 70 percent of the infected people across the country are found in the Kathmandu Valley.
The number of confirmed cases in Kathmandu is close to 58,000. Most of those added are from within the Kathmandu metropolis. About 45 percent of Kathmandu residents are infected in the metropolis. Of the 57,000 infected, there are more than 22,000 in the metropolis alone. The number of corona infections in the metropolis has reached 22,975 as of October 25.
More than 100 unidentified people have been infected and the death toll has risen to 129. The number of infected people in all the wards of the metropolis has reached over one hundred. Infected people of all wards are losing their lives.
The infection has spread to all the wards of the metropolis in 90 percent of the infected homes. According to the health department of the metropolis, the number of infected people living in home isolation is increasing while the number of people living in hospital and institutional isolation is decreasing.
There are more than 200 infected people in 30 wards of Kathmandu metropolis. Most of the wards are in Swayambhu. In Swayambhu, 1,660 people have been confirmed infected and nine have died. In the adjoining ward no. Seven infected people have lost their lives here.