Corona vaccine will reach all provinces by Sunday

Photo Courtesy: Indian Embassy to Nepal

Kathmandu (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti): The vaccine against covid-19 infection ‘covishield’ has been sent to all seven provinces. Jageshwar Gautam, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population, said that the vaccine provided by India has been sent to all the seven provinces.

After being brought from India, the vaccine is kept at the Department of Health Services in Teku. According to him, the vaccines have been distributed to the district hospitals from the provinces on the basis of need and the vaccines will reach all the provinces by Sunday.

The first phase of vaccination will be done by making the hospital the vaccination center. Vaccination will be done from around 300 hospitals in seven provinces. Vaccines will be distributed in more than 10 hospitals in Kathmandu Valley.

Vaccination will be given to the front line health workers, support staff, ambulance and hearse drivers working in the management of COVID-19, security personnel working in the management of corpses killed by infection of COVID-19, waste management and sanitation workers working at the local level.

Ministry spokesman Dr Gautam said the second dose would be given a month or four weeks after the first vaccination. The ministry is preparing to complete the vaccination within a week of the start of vaccination.

The Government of India has provided one million vaccine grants to Nepal on January 22. The covshield vaccine, which can be kept at minus two degrees Celsius to minus eight degrees Celsius, is 70 percent effective in India.