Congress will protest alone: ​​Shashank Koirala

Kathmandu: Nepali Congress General Secretary Shashank Koirala has said that the Nepali Congress should not join hands with anyone during the agitation.

Speaking at a seminar on ‘Constitution in Crisis’ organized by Sushil Koirala Youth Circle in Kathmandu on Monday on the occasion of the sixth memorial day of former Prime Minister of Nepal Sushil Koirala, Koirala said that the Nepali Congress should not join hands with anyone during the agitation.

He said that the Nepali Congress should not join the joint movement as it has its own ideology and existence. He said that the Congress would be at a loss if it joined the joint movement. He said that the future of the Nepali Congress was bright if General Secretary Koirala could unite his cadres and take them away.

Speaking on the occasion, Raghuji Pant, a member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Prachanda-Madhav faction, said that the main responsibility now was to protect the constitution. He said that the constitution, democracy, republic and secularism should be protected. He said that the constitution should not be weakened by raising questions about federalism and secularism.

Saying that there would be no election in April, Pant said that all the political parties should join hands in the agitation to defend the constitution.

Nepali Congress central member Minendra Rijal said that the main root of the current problem was the mentality of Prime Minister Oli. He said that Oli had a tendency to disobey the law, constitution and court even though the people had sent him to rule under the parliament, constitution and law.

Leader Rijal said that the people who were sitting in the same place before the dissolution of the House of Representatives are now divided and clarified that the Nepali Congress would not be in favor of any one party.