Congress spokesperson objects govt’s decision of constitutional appointment

Kathmandu: The Nepali Congress has termed the appointment of constitutional body officials without a parliamentary hearing as a ‘chain of totalitarianism’ of the government.

Giving a brief response to News Agency Nepal, Spokesperson Bishwaprakash Sharma said that the government will conduct struggle programs against the totalitarian tendency.

He responded that the government is moving towards dismantling the constitution by violating one constitutional provision after another. Spokesperson Sharma said that they disagreed with the government’s ordinance violating the universal provisions of the Constitutional Council and decided not to attend the meeting without withdrawing the ordinance.

“It is our constitutional intention to complete the appointment process only after a parliamentary hearing. That kind of arrangement is obvious. But without doing anything, he was suddenly sworn in today. ” He said, ” Two things worked mainly after this situation. On the one hand, they are said to have the pride of two-thirds, and on the other hand, because of their conflict, they have embarked on a journey of shattering the constitution.”

Sharma said the latest move was part of a series of “totalitarian” tendencies of the government and the party had come to the conclusion that the struggle against it should be intensified.