Confirmation of new variant of coronavirus in Nepal

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Kathmandu: It has been confirmed that a new variant of corona virus (Covid-19) has entered Nepal.

In the first week of December, three people from the UK were found to have a new variant of infection. Six people from the UK were confirmed to have corona infection in the first week of December. But due to the lack of gene sequencing, it was not clear whether there was a new type or not.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population, three samples were sent to a Hong Kong laboratory on December 27 due to negative S-gene target. New variants have been confirmed in all three samples.

A new type of virus has been found in 28-year-old women, 32-year-old and 67-year-old men. Among them, 28-year-old women and 32-year-old men have been negative while 67-year-old men have been positive.

But he has no symptoms, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. Jageshwar Gautam.

A new strain of corona virus (Covid-19) was found in the southeastern part of the UK in December. It is found to be 50 percent more contagious than the common corona. Experts warn that many people could be affected by the rapid spread of this virus.

The other effects, however, are similar to those of ordinary corona. However, experts say that further study is needed to reach a conclusion.

Another type of corona was also seen in South Africa. Many countries have banned travel to the UK and South Africa since the new Corona was introduced.

The new type of corona is also highly contagious due to its airborne spread. Ordinary corona diffuses slightly from the air, but newer types spread more from the air. Although this is a preliminary estimate. So far this has not been confirmed.

According to scientists, new types can be avoided by following the criteria of wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, and using a sanitizer.