Communication ministry issues new guideline to manage govt websites

Photo Courtesy: Official Website of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

Kathmandu: The government has issued Guideline 2021 regarding the formation and management of the official website of government offices. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT) has issued a new guideline revoking the old one.

The directive stipulates that government websites must maintain confidentiality in accordance with applicable law. It has been made mandatory to keep details including office, office service, employee details, contact number and email, citizen’s charter, forms and many more.

The directive stipulates that the website of all government offices should be based on a ‘sample’ prepared by the Department of Information Technology for uniformity.

Various arrangements have also been made to make the website accessible, simple and reliable. The content available on the website should be in HTML, PDF and Word format.

Arrangements have also been made to conduct a security test after the website is built and to check its condition every year by the Department of Information Technology.

The guideline has made it necessary to create a website that can be opened on low-speed internet and also easily opened and viewed on mobile. The government website has to be hosted in the government’s integrated data center.