Chinese hackers hack Nepal telecom’s data

Kathmandu: Nepal Telecom (NT) has shut down one of its servers on suspicion of being attacked by hackers. According to NT a suspicious server was shut down after a Chinese hacker group claimed to have attacked the server and hacked the data.

China’s Tag-22 group has claimed that it has hacked Nepal Telecom’s server through ‘Colbstrike’ through ‘Glass Fish’ server. The group is claimed to be a Chinese state-run group.

The leaked call details and other details are also on sale. The group also sells telecom-related data from Taiwan and the Philippines.

It is estimated that an old server of Telecom may have been targeted by hackers.

Telecom’s GSM service was disrupted for about two and a half hours on June 23. Telecom officials have speculated that there may be a connection to that as well.

However, an investigation committee formed by Telecom is studying the matter.