China’s interest in deepening political crisis in Nepal

Kathmandu: China, a northern neighbor, has expressed constant interest in the deepening political crisis in Nepal.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who last had a telephone conversation with Foreign Minister Pradip Kumar Gyawali on Friday, expressed interest in Nepal’s recent political developments. After the talks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement covering only the Corona vaccine and other aspects.

A statement issued by the Chinese side some time later said that the internal political developments in Nepal were also discussed. A statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “The two sides exchanged views on Nepal’s domestic situation. Wang Yi said China is committed to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and respects the path of development chosen by the Nepali people.

During the telephone conversation, the Chinese Foreign Minister expressed confidence that Nepal’s political parties and factions would find common ground by overcoming differences, keeping in mind Nepal’s basic and long-term interests.

In particular, the Chinese Foreign Minister emphasized that the situation should not be further complicated by the escalation of conflict between Nepal’s political parties.

China has expressed serious concern over the political crisis that erupted after Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli dissolved the House of Representatives on January 20. He then sent the Deputy Minister of the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party to Nepal. He had met all the leaders including the Prime Minister and returned after studying the situation here.

After that, a small Chinese political team was active in political meetings in Kathmandu. But the team’s activities were kept secret. Similarly, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanchi is also holding political meetings in Kathmandu. After the dissolution of the House of Representatives, Ambassador Yanchi has met President Vidyadevi Bhandari three times.

China has said that political instability in Nepal could affect its security interests, delay the implementation of agreements between the two countries and worsen the investment climate.

These issues were also discussed in detail during the meeting between Gyawali and the Chinese Foreign Minister. Minister Gyawali assured that Nepal was ready to implement the agreements reached between the two countries in the past.