China optimistic about new coalition government’s impact on Nepal’s political stability

Kathmandu: In a press conference held on Tuesday in Beijing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China conveyed its expectations for positive changes in Nepal’s power dynamics following the formation of a new coalition government. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning expressed awareness of the recent shift in Nepal’s political landscape and voiced optimism about its potential impact on both political stability and economic progress.

“China has been informed about the formation of a new power equation and the reorganization of the Cabinet in Nepal,” stated Spokesperson Mao, emphasizing the hope that the various parties forming the alliance would collaborate effectively in establishing a new government. The expressed aim is to bring about political stability, foster economic growth, and enhance the overall well-being of the Nepalese populace.

Responding to queries from the Chinese media Global Times during the press conference, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted its commitment to working in a manner that benefits citizens of both China and Nepal.

Mao stressed China’s deep regard for its relationship with Nepal as a neighboring friend and cooperative partner, emphasizing the readiness to cooperate with the new government on the basis of peaceful coexistence.

“We want to maintain the five principles of peaceful coexistence with the new government, deepen our traditional friendship, strengthen practical cooperation, advance the strategic partnership of cooperation with lasting friendship for development and prosperity, and provide more benefits to the citizens of both countries,” Mao affirmed.

China’s prompt reaction to Nepal’s recent political developments underscores its keen interest in the region, positioning itself as the first country to respond to the changes in Nepal’s power equation on Sunday.