Children should involve directly in politics: PM

Kathmandu: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that he will fight against the dirty politics of fighting cadres for his own interests and bringing instability in the country.

Addressing the ‘Prime Minister with Children’ program organized by Nepal Scout on Friday, he urged the children not to be influenced by such dirty politics but to understand politics as an honest, discriminating and service-oriented sector.

Asked about children and politics, he said that children should not be directly involved in politics but should not be misunderstood as lying, unconstitutional and dishonest. Referring to the fact that there is no consensus in politics or in all spheres, PM Oli said that those who oppose him are protesting without understanding, some are protesting for the sake of protesting and some are protesting because they are in the other party.

“Prosperity alone is not enough, there is no happiness if there is fear and insecurity, there should be peace and security in the society, there should be a guarantee of rights but if there is no environment to use it or flourish, he should not be happy, we want everyone to live a dignified life,” he said. He expressed the government’s determination to live a happy and fearless life from the time of fetus to old age by realizing the national aspiration of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’.

“What are you trying to do to stop rape, Prime Minister?” In response to a question from a girl, Prime Minister Oli said that all the children of this country and the world are our future, adding that the society respects and values ​​women in the context of the classical belief that women also worship gods in places of worship. He expressed his commitment to make the implementation of the law effective to prevent such crimes as abusing and raping the disciples is an inhuman and heinous crime.

Prime Minister Oli also urged the children not to be jealous as they are the future of the country, to be happy with the progress of others, to speak kindly to all, and to move forward in good deeds.