CDO’s meeting of Valley progressing

Kathmandu: A meeting of the Chief District Officers of all the three districts of Kathmandu Valley is being held on Tuesday. The meeting is being held to discuss the issue of extending the restrictions two days before the expiration of the pre-determined prohibitory order.

A meeting on Tuesday will also decide on the effective implementation of the provisions made in the Covid 19 Crisis Management Ordinance issued by the government.

The new ordinance mentioned fines and imprisonment for non-compliance. Violation of the new ordinance is punishable by up to six months imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 300,000. Earlier, vehicles operating without a pass were kept at the holding center and action was taken against them.

Similarly, arrangements have been made to manage the discounted goods and time for essential services in the Kathmandu Valley. As there is a need to make the operation of essential services more systematic, preparations are being made to make these services more systematic and strict.