Cases of fraud in social media increases, police urged to remain alert

Kathmandu: Nepal Police has warned to avoid fraud through social media. The police have urged to remain alert after the number of people cheating via mobile, messenger, viber, WhatsApp among others from different foreign numbers has increased.

Police have arrested three people with Rs 53,000 in cash on the charge of sending money through IME in the temptation of publishing a notice. Among them are Deepak Kumar Dubey, 26, of Parsa Pokhariya Municipality-7, Kathmandu Metropolitan City-6.

He was arrested by the police on Wednesday evening. The police have accused various people of cheating them by saying ‘You have received a lottery ticket’ or ‘I have sent you a parcel gift’.

In the process, they were asked to deposit some amount by giving account numbers of various banks in Nepal for the process of receiving gifts and money and then they withdrew the amount and fled, according to the police. Such fraudulent gangs are active both abroad and in Nepal.

The police have requested not to be tempted if the call comes from any foreign or unknown number and if anyone contacts the messenger with the mentioned behavior. “We request you not to make any transaction and to lodge a complaint at the nearest police station immediately,” the police statement said.