Canada to cut international student enrollment by 35% in 2024

Kathmandu: Canada is set to reduce international student enrollment by 35% in 2024, limiting visas to 360,000. The decision comes in response to the strain on housing and health services caused by the growing population of foreign students.
The enrollment cut will apply to those entering diploma and undergraduate programs, with exceptions for students renewing study permits, pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees, and elementary/secondary education.
The Canadian government aims to manage quality education by not granting work permits to students from public-private partnership colleges, primarily located in Ontario. Quotas for foreign student admissions in each province will be predetermined based on regional populations.
Some provinces may admit only 50% of foreign students. The decision also addresses concerns about small private colleges offering fake business degrees, affecting the quality of education. Additionally, changes to the post-graduation work permit program are announced, affecting international students in curriculum licensing arrangements.
Starting September 1, 2024, students in such programs will no longer be eligible for post-graduation work permits. The move aims to regulate the influx of international students, balance population growth, and protect students from potential abuses.