Cable TV to protest against pole rent increased by NEA

Kathmandu: Cable television entrepreneurs are also preparing for the agitation saying that they have been impacted negatively by the pole rent fixed by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). National Gathering of Cable Television Entrepreneurs held in Kathmandu on Wednesday issued a press statement announcing to protest against the decision of the Authority.

The conference has stated that the business has come to a standstill due to the policy adopted by the state. Entrepreneurs claim that all cable TV businesses will be shut down if the state does not take appropriate decisions on pole rent, right of way, illegal broadcasting and clean feed.

The Electricity Authority, with the consent of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, has fixed a fare of Rs. 9000 and Rs 7000 per km per year.

The arrangement has also been made to increase the rent rate by 5 percent every five years or at the same rate whichever is higher in the annual inflation list of Nepal Rastra Bank. It has been decided to charge Rs. 32,000 per km per year for OPGW fiber connected to the transmission line of 66 KV or above voltage level.

The National Gathering of Businessmen has ruled that the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has unnaturally increased the rent of poles without conducting a factual scientific study of cost and return, a market of Nepal, the digital policy of the Government of Nepal.