Cabinet meeting initiates restructuring of Prime Minister’s office

Representative Photo

Kathmandu: The Cabinet convened at Singha Durbar on Thursday to deliberate on the restructuring of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal chaired the meeting, during which key decisions were made to initiate the restructuring process.

The official announcement came after an earlier discussion today, where Prime Minister Dahal engaged with officials from the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure. During this meeting, Prime Minister Dahal formally declared the commencement of the restructuring process for the PMO.

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Dahal remarked, “Today, we embark on the restructuring of the Prime Minister’s Office, with other initiatives progressing gradually. The specified directives will be diligently followed.”

The restructuring initiative aligns with the Prime Minister’s broader vision of establishing a more streamlined government structure. PM Dahal, in a national address on Tuesday, emphasized the need for reform, starting at the core of the administration—the Prime Minister’s Office.

As the restructuring process unfolds, it is anticipated to bring about organizational changes and operational enhancements within the PMO, reflecting the government’s commitment to efficiency and responsive governance.

The nation awaits further details on the specific directives and changes that will shape the restructured Prime Minister’s Office in the days to come.