Business acceleration programme for high-growth of agriculture companies in Province 1 kicks-off

Kathmandu: Aadhyanta Accelerator, a five-month business acceleration programme for high-growth agriculture companies in Province 1, has officially kicked off on January 18, 2023.

The programme was announced among local stakeholders, authorities, programme partners, and the press at Big Hotel in Biratnagar. The programme is being run under the partnership between Aadhyanta Fund Management, a Nepali-owned fund mobilisation platform, and Sahaj-NAMDP (Nepal Agricultural Market Development Programme), alongside FNCCI Province No. 1, and the Investment Authority of Province No. 1.

The primary goal of Aadhyanta Accelerator is to improve the competence of agricultural
enterprises to scale up and become investment ready. The programme is designed for high- growth-potential Agri SMEs from Province 1. The interventions seek to boost the province& startup and entrepreneurial dynamics, promoting increased economic activity and innovation.

At the end of the programme, 10 enterprises will be investment-ready. The accelerator programme will offer tailored workshops for selected entrepreneurs alongside
access to mentorship, networking opportunities, funding opportunities, branding and visibility, and support for innovation.

The unique and tailored business acceleration programme will assist agri-entpreneurs in expanding and scaling their enterprises through product development, financial and business structuring, networking, and access to private capital, among others.

Province 1 has a strong foundation and is the richest in terms of tourism, agriculture, trade, and industry.

The province has enormous potential for the development of agriculture. With the right
interventions, the province stands a great chance of becoming a successful and self-dependent region of the nation.

At least 10 agribusiness owners from Province 1 will be made investment-ready during the program& five-month duration. The program also intends to assist agri-entrepreneurs in engaging with the community surrounding them to generate a significant number of employment possibilities.

This is the first accelerator programme in Nepal being run outside the capital, retaliating the notion that such programmes only cater to entrepreneurs based in Kathmandu.
Additionally, the accelerator programme is also the first of its kind to be run using the public-private partnership approach.

FNCCI, the largest and most representative organization in the private sector, and the Provincial Investment Authority, on behalf of the provincial government, have each
contributed to making this programme a success.

This public-private collaboration enables the PE/VC firm to implement a cutting-edge business model, particularly with regard to enterprise sourcing for investment evaluation and the linkage of them with alternative funding possibilities.

The partnership taps into an opportunity to bring about changes in the way the various actors of the ecosystem are currently interacting and collaborating.

Accelerator programmes such as this one will allow entrepreneurs to access a greater network of experts and peers, alongside support and resources beyond the lifespan of the programme.

The date for application is open from January 18 to February 1, 2023.