Buddha Air to operate flight from Pokhara to Banaras, India

Kathmandu: Buddha Air has announced direct flights to Banaras, India from Pokhara International Airport. The airport is currently under final phase of construction.

The company announced on Monday that it will fly directly to Banaras after the Pokhara airport becomes operational. The government has already announced that this airport will be operational from January 1, 2023.

According to the company, there will be three flights a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) between Pokhara and Banaras. Buddha is currently flying on the Kathmandu-Banaras route.

According to Buddha Air, there is a plan to expand flights from Pokhara Airport to two more airports in India.

As the Government of Nepal is taking initiatives with the Government of India for air traffic service routes, as soon as the slots and routes are approved, Buddha will fly on the Pokhara-Delhi and Pokhara-Dehradun routes.

Buddha Air has informed that it will fly to these two destinations 2 and 3 days respectively in a week. Buddha Air has informed that the process for these routes will be carried forward as soon as possible.