Boating resume at Fewa Lake

Kathmandu (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti): A boat has come into operation at Fewa Lake in Pokhara, a tourist destination.

Workers who have been making a living by boating are happy since the boat business has been resumed, which was closed since April due to a ban on the second wave of corona virus infection.

Mangal Nepali, vice-chairman of the Phewa Boat Entrepreneurs Committee, said that the boat business has started in coordination with the administration and masks has been made mandatory for passengers.

He informed that the while boating four people in a 20-foot boat and three people in an 18-foot boat will be allowed to avoid congestion. Earlier, it was kept up to eight or nine people.

He said, “Due to low passenger pressure, only eight to nine boats are in operation daily.

The famous Talbarahi temple has not been opened even though boats are operating in the lake. Even the daily evening prayers at the temple has been halted.

There are 764 boats in Fewa lake and only 300 in Barahighat. The committee has stated that a small number of boats have been brought into operation in the queue system as the ban is still in force and the tourism business is still stalled.

Laxman Pariyar, a worker of Pokhara Metropolitan City-18, Sarangkot, who has been operating a boat in Fewatala for nine years, said that he was in trouble due to the ban and was excited after starting his business.

He said that those who do not wear masks are barred from boarding the boat as it is a challenge to avoid corona infection. “Corona has never been in such a crisis. We are excited about the gradual increase in activity,” Pariyar said. “It’s hard to get a boat turn when there are fewer passengers.

Another boatman, Baburam Puri, said that there was a problem in raising a family due to the ban. It is believed that the tourism business will return to its previous state.

Stating that they are also vigilant to avoid possible infections, he said that they are wearing masks, sanitizing and urging the tourists to follow the health standards.