Bird flu spread across India

File Photo Photo Courtesy: Reuters

Kathmandu: Outbreaks of bird flu have been on the rise in India .

At least nine states in India have been infected with bird flu, while some are yet to be tested. Bird flu has also been confirmed in Delhi and Maharashtra, according to Indian media.

The Ghazipur Wholesale Poultry Market in New Delhi has been closed following the outbreak of bird flu. Two hundred birds had died due to bird flu in Delhi. Most of them were crows.

People have been banned from visiting ponds, lakes and wildlife sanctuaries since the outbreak of bird flu.

Officials in Maharashtra on Monday said at least 800 chickens had died in the past two days. According to Madhukar Magalikar, Collector of Pawarni District, the bird flu infection was confirmed after collecting samples of their dead chickens and testing them.

A zoo in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur city was closed on Sunday after a bird and two parrots died. At the same time, Uttar Pradesh has banned the trade of meat in the area around 10 km of the zoo. Samples of dead crows have also been sent from Bhopal in Uttar Pradesh for testing. Similarly, poultry trade has been banned in seven cities of Madhya Pradesh.