Biratnagar inundated as heavy rain continues

Kathmandu: Biratnagar, a major city in eastern Nepal, has been severely inundated following continuous rainfall since Tuesday morning. The downpour has resulted in widespread flooding and disruption across several areas of the city.

The overflow of rainwater, compounded by blocked drainage along the embankment of the Dharan-Biratnagar road section, has submerged key locations including the Nepal Oil Corporation building. Reports indicate over 600 houses in the Rani area of Biratnagar have also been inundated, causing significant distress to residents.

Local authorities from the District Police Office report that numerous places throughout Morang district are affected by flooding due to the relentless rain.

The inadequate drainage system compounded by heavy rainfall has left roads and houses waterlogged, with approximately 100 families displaced in wards 12 and 19 alone.

Efforts are currently underway to clear blocked drainage systems in various parts of the city. Biratnagar recorded a staggering 361 mm of rainfall in the 24-hour period from Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning, marking this year’s monsoon season as one of the wettest in recent history.

Local authorities and emergency response teams continue to monitor the situation closely as they work to mitigate the impact of the ongoing flooding and provide assistance to affected residents.