Barbara Foundation to honor covid frontliner

Kathmandu: The Barbara Foundation is honoring 80 people and seven organizations, including health workers, managers and collaborators who worked on the frontline during corona epidemic.

In a statement issued on Friday, the foundation said that it will honor the health workers, managers and allies and organizations working on the frontline on Saturday (tomorrow).

According to Dr. Sanduk Ruit, Chairman of the Foundation, the Foundation has seven institutions including Bharatpur Hospital, Patan Hospital, Nepal Police Hospital, APF Hospital, Nepal Army Dead Body Management Group, Hami Nepali team and Nepal Ambulance Service.

Similarly, the foundation has said that 20 doctors will be honored with Rs 250,000 each and 27 nurses will be honored with Rs 150,000 in cash.

The foundation has stated that 19 managers will be honored under the same management and public policy category. The foundation has also stated that the three will receive Rs. 250,000 in cash along with honors in the same category.

In addition, nine medical support staff from various fields including Lab, Medical are being honored with Rs 100,000 each, while five health support staff active in the frontline will be honored with Rs 100,000 each.