Bangladesh to purchase 40 megawatts of electricity from Nepal

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Kathmandu: The Bangladesh government has officially approved the purchase of 40 megawatts (MW) of electricity from Nepal. The decision, granted preliminary approval by the Council of Ministers of Bangladesh, marks a significant stride in cross-border energy collaboration.

The pricing details for the electricity sale from Nepal to Bangladesh have not been disclosed at this time. This aspect is expected to be discussed in the upcoming meeting of the Committee on Public Procurement (CCGP) of the Cabinet.

Nasrul Hamid, the Bangladeshi Minister of State for Energy and Mineral Resources, had previously expressed confidence in the likelihood of electricity imports from Nepal. Three months ago, Hamid stated that the import of hydroelectricity from Nepal was nearing its final stages. India has played a facilitating role in this initiative, granting approval for Bangladesh to import 40 MW of electricity from Nepal through Indian transmission lines.