Australia dream led a couple to involve in series of theft

Kathmandu: Nepal police has arrested a couple on charged of a series of theft in different companies including Global Link Technology.

Lalitpur Police has arrested the couple after conducting a long investigation over Global Link Technology case.

After similar theft complaints were received in other places of Lalitpur, the police started an investigation to identify those involved in the theft and bring them under the legal ambit.

After nearly 2 weeks of investigation, the police arrested 39-year-old Suvodh Shrestha of Kathmandu-1 Naxal and his girlfriend Roshni Maharjan, 19-years-old of Kathmandu-16, from Solticity Apartment near Kalanki in Kathmandu on Saturday.

According to Lalitpur Police both of them used to live together. During the investigation they have confessed that they started stealing stuffs and money to arrange expenses to go to Australia.