Application demand for setting up IT labs in colleges

Kathmandu: Bagmati Pradesh has demanded applications for setting up IT labs in its subordinate community campuses.

To improve the quality of community campuses, the state is going to set up an IT lab / science laboratory.

This program was launched by the state in the previous fiscal year as well. Therefore, it has been mentioned that the campuses that could not participate in the project last year and needed it can apply.

Based on the information made public on Monday, it has been mentioned that the campuses can apply to the Education Development Directorate of Hetauda with a proposal within 15 days.

This program will give priority to schools that teach science subjects and computer subjects. While submitting the proposal, the list of office bearers and tenure of the office bearers of the Campus Management Committee should be certified at the local level.

Also, a recommendation from the local level should be submitted stating that no such program has been received before.