Agro Minister Aryal say FDI is needed in agriculture

Kathmandu: Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Padma Kumari Aryal has said that foreign investment in agriculture is needed to protect small farmers. Speaking at a discussion program on ‘Contemporary Issues of Agricultural Development’ organized by the Agriculture Campaign for Food in Lalitpur on Monday, Minister Aryal said so.

She said that it is necessary to implement foreign investment only in the agricultural sector where Nepal could not invest. “If we can’t afford it, we have to attract foreign investment in the agricultural sector,” said Aryal. It’s good to be concerned about foreign investment, but it’s not good to stop development work with too much apprehension. ‘

According to Minister Aryal, the government has not brought in foreign investment to kill small farmers but to protect them. She said that although it was good to worry about foreign investment in agriculture, it was wrong to stop the development of the agricultural sector by worrying too much. Minister Aryal also said that everyone should be interested and concerned towards making proper procedures by studying the documents regarding foreign investment.