Agriculture ministry forms Task Force to study the feasibility of the National Pride Project of Agriculture

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has formed a task force to study the feasibility of national pride project of agriculture sector in Dhanusha.
According to the Ministry, an expert participatory task force has been formed under the coordination of Joint Secretary of the Ministry Bimal Kumar Nirmal.
The task force has been formed to study the feasibility of advancing agricultural projects through cooperatives and collective farming on more than 15,000 bighas of land in Kamala and Janak Nandani municipalities of Dhanusha. The task force has one month to submit its report.
The ministry is preparing to use the barren land for fish farming, vegetable, fruit farming or other purposes after the river changes its course.
Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Ghanshyam Bhusal had observed the area on October 19 and announced to make at least one agriculture national pride plan in each state.
After a team from the Fisheries Development Division of the Ministry of Agriculture inspected the site and gave a positive opinion, Minister Bhusal observed the site. Preliminary preparations are underway to move ahead with the project through cooperatives in all wards so that the ownership of the land remains with the farmers with the investment of the union, state and local governments.