African swine fever detects first time in Nepal

Kathmandu: African swine fever has been reported in Nepal for the first time.
Samples were collected in the last week of April after a high mortality rate was observed in pigs reared in Kageshwari Manohara area of ​​Kathmandu.

Preliminary results of African swine fever were obtained from tests performed by the Central Veterinary Disease Research Laboratory.

For the first time in Nepal, a sample of the World Animal Health Organization has been sent to confirm the spread of the disease.

The technical team deployed by the Department of Livestock Services in collaboration with the provincial government and local level animal service related agencies has reported that the infection has spread in Kageshwari Manahara, Kirtipur, Chandragiri, Tokha and Dakshinkali areas of Kathmandu, Godavari area of ​​Lalitpur and Changunarayan area of ​​Bhaktapur.

African swine fever is a highly contagious disease caused by a high mortality rate among domesticated pigs and wild boar.

But it does not spread from animal to human.