Acharya Srinivas arrested in Kathmandu for alleged role in disruptive protest

Kathmandu: Police arrested Hindu guru Acharya Srinivas in Gaushala, Kathmandu, following a demonstration led by medical entrepreneur Durga Prasai’s group on Monday.

The arrest took place after the police used force against demonstrators, citing road obstruction and stone pelting.

Acharya Srinivas, who had addressed the gathering during the demonstration, was detained during the police intervention.

Acharya Srinivas is currently held at the Gaushala Police Office. The police are preparing to file charges against him for allegedly disrupting public peace and security.

This is not the first time Acharya Srinivas has faced legal consequences. He was previously arrested on October 3 from Barahakshetra, Sunsari, for delivering an inflammatory speech at a rally organized by the ‘Bishwa Hindu Parishad’ against cow slaughter in Janakpur on September 30.

The controversial Hindu guru’s arrest is part of the authorities’ efforts to address concerns related to public order and safety.