A 104-year-old woman was vaccinated against corona

Kathmandu: The second phase of corona vaccination campaign has been underway across the country including Kathmandu since March 8.

Senior citizens above the age of 65 are also going to the vaccination center to get vaccinated. Senior citizens are also arriving at the Chabahil-based Om Hospital Vaccination Center in Kathmandu to get corona vaccine.

A 104-year-old woman has been vaccinated at the vaccination center on Tuesday.

Manrupa Chaulagain, 104, of Kumarigal in Kathmandu Metropolitan City-7 has been vaccinated against Covid 19 at 11 am, according to the hospital.

Manrupa, who came to the vaccination center at the hospital with her son and daughter-in-law, told interesting facts about the moment of the 1990 earthquake and the life of the people during the Rana and Panchayat periods.

Manrupa, a mother of 10, said that she always wore a mask to avoid the Corona epidemic. Corona came to be vaccinated to prevent the disease, especially for the elderly, and she urged others to do the same.

Saying that Manrupa is the most senior citizen in his ward, ward chairman Shuddha Kumar Dangol welcomed him at the vaccination center.