5G users reach nearly 15 mn in South Korea

Kathmandu: South Korea, the world’s first country to launch 5G internet commercially, has nearly 15 million users.
As reported on local media, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Science and Information Technology, the number of 5G users in the country reached 14.48 million by the end of March. That’s 20 per cent of South Korea’s total mobile users. The number of mobile users in South Korea is 71.1 million.

South Korea, the first country to launch the most advanced Internet network 5G commercially, launched the 5G service in April 2019.

South Korea’s leading mobile phone service providers have provided 5G service. Major mobile service provider SK Telecom has the largest number of 5G users — 6.74 million. Another mobile service provider KT Corp has 5.4 million subscribers and LG Yuplus Corp has 5.3 million subscribers.

As the number of 5G users grows in South Korea, the number of 4G Internet users continues to decline. According to last month’s data, the number of 4G Internet users in South Korea is 51.18 million. Which is 250,000 less than the previous month.

However, 72 percent of South Korea’s total mobile Internet users still use 4G. The number of 5G users has increased significantly due to the Galaxy S21 series launched by Samsung a few months ago.

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