3rd edition of Digital Nepal Conclave is set for June 7

Kathmandu: The third edition of the Digital Nepal Conclave will be held on Friday, 7th June 2024 (25th of Jestha 2080). The main theme of Digital Nepal Conclave 2024 organized by ICT Foundation Nepal is ‘Harmonizing Digitization and Development’.

More than 50 people, including some international experts, will participate in various sessions as speakers in the program to be held at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel. In the conclave, more than 10 sessions will be conducted on 7 different themes. Ministerial-level dialogue sessions will also be conducted along with keynote presentations by some international experts.

New technologies and initiatives for Digital Nepal will be given an opportunity for presentation and project showcase as well. It is expected that more than 600 people including federal, state and local government representatives, stakeholders, experts, entrepreneurs and startups will participate in the program.

This year, the Foundation spearheaded a 2-day Digital Karnali Conclave in Karnali Province, building on its two-year initiative of digital dialogue programs across all seven provinces. The initiative has also produced research books exploring the digital landscape and capabilities of each province.

In 2019 A.D., with the Government of Nepal’s announcement of the Digital Nepal Framework, the Foundation is conducting various activities in this regard.

President Razan Lamsal informed that ICT Foundation is conducting programs across the country for digital transformation and its ecosystem development. Lamsal said that this year’s Digital Nepal Conclave will be made more meaningful and effective.